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Hydrate and Balance Your Skin with Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

It is easy to find articles that try to explain why you need to hydrate and balance your skin with extra virgin avocado oil, but they do not explain the benefits to certain skin problems such as thin skin, infected areas of skin on the body, or scar tissue. Listed below, the ways that avocado oil body lotion and extra virgin avocado oil for your skin can benefit you in these ways have been detailed. Once you have a better understanding of the literature that is commonly found on these issues about avocado oil, you will have an idea if this product is one that is right for you.

Thin skin areas

It can be difficult to figure out what to do for thin skin to hydrate it because there is not much skin to begin with. Unfortunately, if these issues are not ameliorated, thin skin is prone to breaking and causing infection. Fortunately, there is some evidence that shows extra virgin avocado oil for your skin can significantly improve the plumpness of thin skin areas and therefore decreased potential infections or bruising. Mainly, avocado oil body lotion improves thin skin because it increases collagen and connective tissue health. It can also reduce some of the sensations of itchiness that are associated with dry and thin skin. Avocado oil also contains two highly penetrable chemicals that improve thin skin called lecithin and squalane.

Problem skin

When avocado oil is mentioned in conjunction with problem skin, the discussion is often limited. Part of the reason is because it truly is a one-size-fits-all type of skin lotion for anyone with skin problems. Main factors in making avocado oil an ideal lotion are due to its high concentrations of vitamins A and E which makes it highly antibacterial. Avocado oil also contains natural chemicals that reduce inflammation of the skin, deeply hydrate it, and also reduce itchiness. In other words, acne and eczema are only a few ways that avocado oil can help the user.

Scar tissue

People with scar tissue issues often find that they cannot get the skin to hydrate properly. Generally speaking, many lotions are waxy and tend to only hydrate the top layer of skin. Alternatively, avocado oil penetrates very deeply, and also works well with difficult skin such as scar tissue. Avocado oil is also especially helpful for anyone in a dry or winter climate that is dealing with their scar tissue drying out and becoming painful. Along these lines, some people with stretch marks find that avocado oil is beneficial for them as well because avocado oil has regenerative tissue properties that benefit the skin.

Fighting the effects of dry, cold winter skin

When the weather includes freezing temperatures, your skin pays the price. While you may not have frostbite, your skin will fight off the cold by sacrificing outside layers. The end result is getting a lot of skin exfoliation and, in some cases, chapped skin that looks red and infected. To get some relief from the itchy skin during winter freezing temperatures, avocado body oil is often a solution. In addition to the face and scalp, many users also find it is good for dry skin around the elbows or feet that tend to not get attention in the winter. Along with penetrating several layers of skin, avocado oil will provide some antiseptic or anti-fungal qualities to your skin as well as keeping it hydrated.

An old fashioned solution that addresses modern concerns

If you have been looking for a simple and natural solution to your face or body lotion needs, avocado oil might be the one you have been seeking. Most modern lotion users are looking for anti-aging benefits along with sun protection. Although it does not have a great deal of sun protection, there are natural amounts of SPF in avocado oil. It also has some of the anti-aging and non-pore-clogging benefits found in expensive lotions in top salons around the world. Alternatively, unlike other lotions on the market today, avocado oil is natural and therefore inexpensive to try.